Troubleshooting HP Touchpad

The purpose of this website is to teach users on how they can perform basic troubleshooting for their devices. These steps that are written is based from my and other people's experiences where I made research from any other forum sites and come up with a possible solutions. This website will not be reliable for any damages that will cause you, using this guide. Following the user guide properly is recommended.

Device wont turn on 

step 1
Has the device been charged recently?
If yes: Then proceed to step 2.
If not: The charge the device for at least 2 hours.

step 2
Make sure that the charger is properly seat, to ensure that the charger is 
  • Disconnect the cable from the AC charger
  • Hold the Ac charger using both hands
  • Twist the cap, and twist it back until it snaps into place-if the cap is remove, place the cap back to its base and make sure it properly aligned back to the base.
  • Charge you device again, for a couple of minutes
 Still not turning on?

step 3
Perform a force restart

Please refer to 6Ts: Six ways to get your webOS phone working again, step 3
Still not turning on?

step 4
Plug your device to the computer, using the same cable.

What do you see on the touch pad's screen when its connected to the computer?
  • Battery with a question mark - try to perform a force restart(refer to 6Ts: Six ways to get your webOS phone working again-step 3). If the force restart didn't work, possibly there is a hardware problem with your device.

  • Center button flashing left/right - The device is completely drain, let your device charge using the AC charger for 2 hours, it needs to have a certain amount of charge to for the battery icon to show up.

  • Battery icon with a lightning bolt - Device needs to be charge for 2 hours, the lightning bolt is an indication that its charging.

  • A Message on the Touchpad's screen, telling you to use the proper charger - It means, you touchpad can detect your computer or the other way around, cable is fine, the AC charge might be defective.

  • None of the above - USB cable might be defective.
NOTE: If your device is still under warranty, you can try asking for an accessory(ex. Ac charger, USB cable) replacement from the manufacturer.

NOTE: If the steps did not resolve the issue, there could be a hardware problem with your device.



Unable to setup wifi connection during first setup

Setting up your touch pad requires internet connection, and the only way you can connect your touch pad is through wifi.

What kind of wifi connection do you have?

  • Public wifi - If you are trying to connect using public hotspots, I can't recommend you using this type of connection in setting up your touch pad for the first time. The public hotspot which you're trying to connect to, may be secured. Wireless securities that can be set to router includes:
      • Mac address filtering - Only mac address' that are registered to the router can connect. You must disable your the mac address filtering for your router ( please refer to your router's manual on how to disable this security feature) or is this is an Internet provider's issued router, you will have to contact you them.
      • Wireless encryption - You need to have the security password such as the WEP, WPA, WPA2, for you to connect, make that you type in the correct password, its case sensitive
      • Captive portal - This is done by intercepting all packets, regardless of address or port, until the user opens a browser and tries to access the Internet. At that time the browser is redirected to a web page which may require authentication and/or payment, or simply display an acceptable use policy and require the user to agree. Captive portals are used at most Wi-Fi hotspots, and it can be used to control wired access (e.g. apartment houses, hotel rooms, business centers, "open" Ethernet jacks) as well. Make sure you have the latest version of the touch pad's operating system for you to authenticate using the web.
  • Company wifi - almost every corporate WiFis are secured, you will need to verify from the company's admin/IT on how you can access the network, you may be provided with a password or methods to authenticate.
  • Personal/Home wifi- make sure you have the right password to connect to you wifi, the password can be verified by accessing you router's web console. Contact your service provide to get information on how you can access the router's console.

If you can't still can't connect to your home network, Try the following steps:
step 1 
Restart your router
Try restarting your router by unplugging the outlet from the wall for 10 seconds and plug it back to the wall and try connecting your touch pad again.
step 2
Perform a Force Restart
Force restart your touch pad (refer to 6Ts: Six ways to get your webOS phone working again-step 3) and try connecting your touch pad again.
step 3
Check your WiFi's settings/ make some changes on its settings
  • make sure that your wireless router's SSID/network name is set to broadcast
  • Set wifi router's channel/protocol to channel 6
  • Set Authentication/encryption type to open just for this setup
  • Set network type to G only
  • Try connecting your touch pad to a different router.
  • Try using the webos doctor (refer to Advance troubleshooting page - step 2)


Touch pad cannot find/detect any WiFi network

I will include this guide for those people who has this kind of issue. My friend sent his device for a repair because the screen broke. When he got the device back from hp's repair center, We tried to set it up but the touch pad would just keep on saying "Searching for network" on the setup screen.
what we did, we tried all the basic restarts, but it didn't resolve the problem, so we brought the touch pad to the store. And the technician ran the webos doctor to reinstall the device's platform, and that's how it fix the problem.

  • Try basic restart on you touch pad first (refer to 6Ts: Six ways to get your webOS phone working again-step 3)
  • Check if you wifi network set to broadcast its SSID/network name
  • If you have a different wifi device, such as a cellphone, tried to check if your phone can detect available wifi networks in your area, such as you neighbor's.
  • Troubleshoot using the webos doctor (refer to Advance troubleshooting page - step 2)
if the problem persist after the webos doctor, this could be a problem with its hardware.